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how to score on breakaways nhl 18

Breakaways are one of those moments in Hockey that everyone gets really excited about.Scoring on a breakaway and skating around the opposing team never gets old. Unless you’re playing nhl jerseys 18 and trying to land one of these. If you struggle with converting on breakaways in that game, then this post is for you!

I recently started playing nhl jerseys 18 and found out the hard way that breakaways can be a real challenge. So, I was determined to get better at them. Here’s what I discovered:

First, timing and speed is the key. When you’re on the attack, time when you think you can break away effortlessly and make sure to instantly gain speed. You don’t want to give the opposing player time to catch up with you.

Second, use tricks to make it harder for the goalie to cover you. The NHL 18 defense system is pretty complex–if you can use it to throw the goalkeeper off balance, you’re likely to end up with a goal. To do this, keep an eye open for the goalie’s reaction and push your stick in a direction the goalie isn’t expecting.

Third, practice! There’s no shortcut to success; you’ve got to practice things until your reflexes start working in your favor. This is especially true for lob shots. When a goalie is aware of your shot type, they tend to anticipate it and prevent you from scoring. Might as well practice it until your reflexes can pull off the shot with better accuracy.

Fourth, make sure you don’t let up the pressure. In hockey, follow-up shots are really effective. So, if you miss your first run, try to follow up with another shot and keep your opponent busy defending.

Finally, build up your confidence whenever you score. People are successful when they’re confident and believe in themselves. The same applies in NHL 18. A belief in yourself can make a huge difference to your play and the result.

So, there you go–my top tips for scoring on breakaways in NHL 18. Now, let’s get onto the ice and show them what you’re made of!

First, think of the breakaway as a personal challenge. It’s only you against the goalie, nothing else. By taking on this challenge, you become more conscious and focused, improving your chances of scoring. The more you practice, the closer you’ll become to the perfect breakaway.

Second, watch the goalie’s movements carefully. It can be hard to guess what the goalie is going to do, but that’s part of the challenge. By studying the goalie’s movements, you’ll develop an instinct for where the goalie is going to move next.

Third, practice patience and never let up. It’s very easy to get carried away when you’re in a breakaway. Maintain your composure and never give up until you’re sure you’re going to score. Even if the goalie has guessed correctly, you can always surprise them with a last-minute change in direction.

Fourth, work on your dekes and advanced moves. You can’t scores on every breakaway with simple techniques. You sometimes need to get creative and pull off advanced moves that will surprise the goalie. Practice these until you feel comfortable with them.

Finally, practice shooting precision. Once you’ve gained matching the goalie, the rest is all about precision. You can learn how to control the speed and trajectory of the puck more accurately with practice. With time, you can turn the goalie into a spectator of your shots.

So, those are my tips for scoring on breakaways in NHL 18. Good luck on the rink and give those goalies a run for their money!