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what is a same side deke in nhl 22

Do you know what a same side deke is in nhl jerseys 22? It’s an incredible hockey move that can give you the upper hand on the ice. The same side deke is a great way to take your opponent by surprise and score the winning goal. Here’s how it works:

First, you skate up the ice towards your opponent. As you approach the net, you angle to the left or right of the goalie. You then make a quick cut to the left or right, depending on which side you chose to approach the net from initially. This is what is known as the deke and it will cause the goalie to move in the opposite direction. Now you have the space to make a quick shot on goal.

It’s important to remember that timing is key when executing a same side deke. You have to make quick, decisive moves and anticipate the goalie’s next move. If you wait too long and don’t make your move quickly enough, the goalie will catch you and be able to make a save.

I love same side dekes in nhl shop 22. I’ve perfected this move over the years and it has become a go-to move for me in times of need. The same side deke moves the goalie out of position and gives you an opportunity to get the winning goal. Plus, it looks amazing and you get to show off to your friends.

Another great thing about the same side deke is that you can use it for multiple situations. If you’re up against a great goalie and the defense is tight, the same side deke will open up more room for you to make a shot. You can also use it when the defense has relaxed and left the goal wide open. This is a great time to utilize the same side deke and surprise your opponents.

I find that the same side deke works best when combined with other hockey moves. You can use it in tandem with fakes or dekes to keep the goalie guessing and off balance. This makes the goalie much more likely to make a mistake and give you the opening you’re waiting for.

In addition, the same side deke is a great move to give you confidence on the ice. It’s not an easy move to execute but once you get the hang of it and start to use it regularly, you’ll feel more assertive and powerful on the ice. That feeling alone will help boost your performance and give you an edge over your opponents.

Finally, the same side deke is a great way to gain respect from your peers. Hockey is a sport of skill and technique and when you pull off an awesome move like this, everyone will be impressed and respect you more. Plus, it’s always thrilling to hear the crowds cheering you on when you score the winning goal using a same side deke!

Now that you know all about the same side deke and why it’s a valuable hockey move, let’s talk about how to improve your technique. The same side deke is all about quick execution and precise timing, so it’s important to practice and hone in on your skills.

First, practice making quick cuts on the ice so you can become more comfortable with the speed and direction of your deke. You also want to become more aware and familiar with the goalie’s technique and learn to anticipate his next movements. Finally, work on perfecting the timing of your shot. With enough practice and focus, you’ll be able to execute the same side deke with ease.

Another important factor to consider is body positioning. You need to make sure you’re in the right spot and angle to get the shot off quickly and accurately. When approaching the net, you should be leaning forward slightly and ready to make your move. If you’re positioned correctly, you’ll be able to get a powerful shot off with ease.

Finally, practice makes perfect. You need to be comfortable with the moves and ready to execute them on cue. So, practice your same side deke in controlled drills and game situations. With enough practice, you’ll become a master of the same side deke and have the upper hand on the ice.

NHL NewsJust remember, the same side deke is all about being quick and decisive. You need to be able to make your move quickly and anticipate the goalie’s next movements. So, practice, practice, practice and you’ll have the perfect same side deke and the goal will be yours.