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who has home ice in nhl finals

It’s no secret that cheap nhl jerseys Finals home ice can be a huge advantage. In my opinion, this is completely unfair and it tweaks me off when I hear people talk about it. It completely disregards the fact that some teams are fundamentally better than others and inherently, more likely to win the series regardless of where it is played. Even though many people would argue that home ice gives you the edge in the Finals, who has home ice in cheap nhl jerseys Finals usually doesn’t matter all that much.

Take the 2016 Stanley Cup Finals for example, between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the San Jose Sharks. The Penguins had home ice and won the series 4-2 thus, earning them their fourth Stanley Cup. But if you look at the games, the wins were split—the Penguins had two wins at home and two wins away. On top of that, the two wins the Penguins earned on the road were in overtime. That’s how close the series was, and how little the home ice advantage mattered.

Just B: B Wants: Capes times threeYes, having home ice in the Finals is a big bonus. But the fact is that the better team usually prevails. With the Penguins, for instance, their superior goaltending and balanced scoring was the difference between winning and losing. The same thing can be said about the Washington Capitals who won the Stanley Cup last season; it was their depth and speed that led them to victory…not their home ice advantage.

These are just two examples of teams that have proven that their sheer talent will take them further than home ice will. And I think it should be recognized. Because college teams, for example, still play on an even playing field even though they’re playing away from home. If equal teams can do it, I see no reason why NHL teams can’t.

That being said, there is still a case to be made for home ice in the finals. Sure, no matter how talented a team is, having the roar of the home crowd and having the familiarity of the ice surface is a huge advantage in any professional-level sport.

For one thing, the home team usually records more successful entry attempts. That is to say they can effectively penetrate the defensive structure of their opponents with more frequency than they could if they were playing away from home. Not to mention, team strategy can differ greatly depending on which team is hosting and who is on the road.

Furthermore, home ice can also help boost a team’s morale and provide the necessary motivation for a collective victory. Anytime the home crowd is cheering their players on, their energy is palpable and can add an extra burst of energy and enthusiasm for the game. So in a way, that can help to bolster the players’ performance on the ice.

At the end of the day, who has home ice in $NHL Finals is something that is out of our hands. Yes, it can be a perk when it comes to winning the series, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. It’s the skill, the strategy, and the drive of the players and their coaches that makes the difference between winning and losing. That, in my opinion, is what makes the game so great.